13 Lesbian Couples With Amazingly Adorable YouTube Stations

As a Louisiana homeowner, We haven’t thought a cool in the air in YEARS, but I’m told that some thing known as “fall” is here in ny along with other places. Meaning it’s
cuffing season
! Cuffing season is the fact that fun a portion of the year whenever you select a boo to
cuddle up
with through cold cold temperatures. It could be a
serious boo
, or it might you should be the very last person you paired with on
when you developed

I Will Die Basically Go On Another Very First Date Syndrome

, a rather severe — though curable — condition.

The worst-case circumstance of cuffing season is you DON’T find any boo WHATSOEVER. If that’s the case, all that you can perform is actually wistfully view other’s attractive really love stories from afar. Stalk
queer lovers on Instagram
. Watch all of the cheesy rom-coms
offers. And certainly, seriously, donate to these 13 couples’ lovable YouTube networks.

These YouTube channels tend to be such a cute screen into commitment existence, it will be just like you’ve got your personal girl! Practically.

Bria and Chrissy

Bria and Chrissy have actually a really love tale for the ages. They found on Chrissy’s first night as a self-proclaimed lesbian in 2011, plus they happened to be into both immediately. They finally tied the knot in 2018. With well over 800,000 website subscribers, they may be probably the most well-known lesbian YouTube stations. These people were in addition tangled up in that

suit against YouTube

for discerning against LGBTQ folks.

Karin and Skyler

Karin and Skyler upload around three movies each week, and that’s more than your favorite television show happens — yay! see these two enthusiasts drunkenly browse each other’s Instagram DMs, slashed one another’s hair, wax each other, check-out Pride, and test their DNA. 10/10 for creativity and originality, women!

Important and Jayyy

Could these two get ANY cuter? It’s actually annoying. They are available for about a-year, and’ve completed a lot of various kinds of movies: pranks, difficulties, Q&As, night routines, Jay teaching important Spanish, and plenty of “tale time” video clips so you can get the tea regarding their connection.

Meaux and Bam

Meaux and Bam are very new as much as YouTube networks come — they’ve merely already been posting for just one thirty days. However they already have a lot of vlogs, obstacle films, as well as some tutorials. They have honest regarding the facts to be in a femme4femme interracial lesbian commitment, and they’re thus fun to watch which they curently have over 18,000 members.

Lyss and Ce

This couple met on Instagram while residing 14 hrs away from one another, and then they live happily with each other and upload YouTube movies regarding relationship life on a monthly basis. They concentrate on humorous pranks, such as getting feminine Viagra, artificial catfishing both, as well as other stuff’ll move you to wince and/or giggle.

Sarah and Rachel


This married couple stays in Chicago making use of their cats (obvi). They are inside the couple YouTube channels video game for SEVERAL years now, as well as’ve already been with each other even lengthier. They upload a lot of vlogs, stories, and issues, plus information films about becoming lesbian/queer within this era.

Sam and Alyssa

Desire a screen inside everyday lives of younger lesbians with children?! Sam and Alyssa are vlogging through their entire motherhood trip, including attempting to consider, the way they had gotten pregnant, and taking place their own babymoon. They are waiting around for the infant to reach any day today, therefore it is the perfect time to stay tuned!

Ebony and Denise

Another with the lesbian mommy YouTube networks, this one supplies a look inside later years. Ebony (aka Mommy) and Denise (aka Mama) being hitched for eight many years, and they’ve got three young ones together. They post incredibly lovable and touching video clips of these household life, such as some really interesting and powerful people about elevating black colored kiddies in a homophobic globe.

Jing and Monica

Jing and Monica tend to be yet another lesbian pair with young ones. Comparable to Ebony and Denise, they’ve already been married for eight years, and they also have three young ones! They vlog weekly in regards to the process of wanting to consider, pregnancy, being a two-mom family. They’ve been in YouTube game for enough time (seven years!) that there are additionally tons of movies about other phases regarding commitment, such as their unique marriage in 2012.

Whitney and Megan

Whitney and Megan, aka “Wegan,” upload video clips of the trips all around the world — from The country of spain to ice castles in Canada to Palm Springs. They started as a long-distance couple between Hawaii in addition to U.K. (!!!), nowadays they invest their unique days taking a trip


. Awww.

Sadie and P.

Dreaming about life with an older girl? Sadie and P. tend to be a lesbian couple with a 28-year get older gap. They’ve been online dating since 2016, when P. was actually 49 and Sarah was 21. They on a regular basis vlog about their unusual yet pleased and useful union.

Berkley and Tori

Berkley and Tori’s channel shows exactly what life is like for lesbian armed forces couples — a standard fact for several individuals. Their own marriage movie is really adorable it could can even make you cry, and their video in regards to residing as a military pair is actually extremely helpful and sincere. Plus you can find Q&As, advice movies, story occasions, and more.

Lina and Diana

Lina and Diana, aka the “Lesbiasianz” (great), tend to be a lesbian Asian few. They do not publish


frequently nowadays, however they’ve already been sharing their union on YouTube for about four decades, generally there’s an abundance of material to brush through — from difficulties to vlogs and tales.

It really is actually impossible to identify all regarding the incredible lesbian few YouTube stations at this time since there are numerous. Yay, representation! Preciselywhat are your preferred queer couples on YouTube?!